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3 tips for car washing machines
- Jan 21, 2018 -

Now more and more people have begun to a career in car washing, many businessmen are willing to choose car washer as equipment upgrade their stores, because the car wash equipment can increase the washing efficiency, increase the influence of the store. As cars go into homes, car washes become a major problem for many cars. Now generally washing need 20 yuan, so more and more people are now on the development of the car washing industry, so they began to buy car wash equipment, but choose car washing equipment is a big problem. We know from a lot of car wash shop where, many car wash shop can be confused when buying a car washing machine, also do not know to choose that brand car wash machine good? Next, let's look at the selection techniques for car washing machines.

1. Look at the frame structure of the car washer. In the current automatic car washing machine market, there are two kinds of models are the most common, one is the longmen reciprocating car washing machine, the other is the tunnel car washing machine. They all use 380v of industrial electricity to provide services to everyone, this is a large equipment, so safety is the most important consideration. The safety of car washing machine, the key is to look at the frame of a car wash machine, so you should inspect the production technology of car washing machine when buying car wash machine.

Tip 2. Look at the car wash. We know that there are a lot of car washing machines now, but there are also many products that are being eliminated. The semi-automatic car washing machine is also like this. At the beginning, people saw that he occupied a small area and had a high car wash rate. However, more and more, now that the car washing machine effect, semi-automatic and no contact car washing machine wash effect can not meet the requirements of the present.

Skill 3, look at the car wash machine reputation rate and the sales volume, that is to see the product reputation how? If the owner wants to buy an automatic car wash machine online, you can look at the car wash machine's sales and praise rate. A good equipment not only on the net the evaluation, in the use of the merchant eventually will also have a good reputation, so everyone can carry on the investigation everywhere.