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Automatic car washing machine maintenance and management advice
- Mar 05, 2018 -

In order to improve the economic benefit of customers and extend the service life of the car washing machine, we hereby make some Suggestions from the aspects of daily maintenance and operation management for the reference of customers.

I. Daily inspection and maintenance of the project.

1. After the machine is turned on, drain the air compressor and check the pressure.

2. Check the sensor.

3. Check the level of the liquid level in the wax and detergent drums.

4. Cleaning and inspection of foreign objects in the conveyor belt.

5. Power supply and water supply ensure normal operation and no accidents.

6. Chain belt cleaning and inspection.

7. Keep the equipment clean and clean.

8. The floor is kept clean and the goods are arranged in order.

II. Weekly inspection and maintenance of the project.

1. Wipe the electric eye and proximity switch.

2. Cleaning machine and waxing.

3. Lubricate all gears and pines.

4. Check whether the three-point combination lubricant needs to be added.

5. Adjust the chain and lubricate the conveyor.

6. Check horizontal brush lifting cable and chain.

7. Clean water spout.

8. Sedimentation tank and waste water recovery pool cleaning.

9. Check whether the screws of the parts are loose.

III. Check and maintain the project monthly.

1. Check horizontal brush, vertical brush and side bottom brush and maintenance.

2. Inspection and maintenance of conveyor belt.

3. Inspection and maintenance of blow parts.

4. Gear oil inspection and maintenance.

5. Pressure check of car washing machine and car washing machine.

6. Check and maintain air pressure system.

7. Check and maintain the impedance of the transmission motor.

8. Control panel function indicator light inspection.

9. Waterway system inspection.

10. Sedimentation tank inspection.

IV. Require the operator to maintain a high sense of responsibility, strictly operate the procedures, safety car washing, car in and out of the car washing machine to be stable, so as not to impact the conveyor belt, and prevent all kinds of accidents.