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High pressure car washing machine leakage high pressure car maintenance method
- Mar 13, 2018 -

How to maintain the high pressure cleaning machine?

1. Maintenance procedures of high pressure cleaning machine.

Equipment maintenance procedures must indicate the vulnerable parts of the equipment;Before cleaning equipment after assembling and cleaning equipment is disassembled to jet parts for special maintenance inspection, to ensure its normal work, should check every time the connection threads and other internal parts of the operator's usual observation;The complete set of equipment shall be inspected and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer at least.

2. Power equipment

The power equipment must be checked every day, and the normal supply of fuel, oil, medium and cooling water should be ensured.The belt should be elastic and suitable, without peeling or rupture, etc.All protective devices are safe and reliable.Control cables and primary motor control devices must be checked daily.

3, into the water

The pump inlet and low pressure pipeline should be checked before starting, and the pump can be equipped with the front pump to ensure the water pressure and the proper flow of water.During the operation, there should be adequate water supply for the tank and no rust in the water tank.The filter must be checked periodically to ensure that it is free of blockage and damage.Check and replace the cleaning strainer, and strictly prevent the solid particles from entering the pump and nozzle through the inlet pipe.Filtering precision and filter area should be compatible with the equipment's requirement for water quality and water quantity.

4. Hose assembly

Hoses and joints are very important for the operation of the equipment. It is necessary to check whether there is a steel wire break outside, there is no damage caused by pressure or abrasion, and there is no bubbling caused by internal rupture.

The hoses wrapped around the winch should not be excessively bent to prevent buckling or damage;The winch shall have enough lube and good seal to ensure its normal use.

5, nozzle

Before installation, apply the water scour device pipeline to ensure that the nozzles are free of blockage and damage, and the nozzle connection thread is intact and without damage.All damaged jet parts must be repaired or replaced before operation.

6, valve

Homework before the control valve, pressure regulating valve (unloading overflow valve), the relief valve must be check, make sure it's clean and good performance, for all kinds of valve test inspection regularly, in a timely manner to repair or replace damaged parts of various kinds of valve.

7. Electrical equipment

Special protection should be made to electrical equipment.Check all electrical boxes, joints, knobs, cables and instruments and instruments before work.This inspection should be conducted once a day to ensure that the operation is not damaged by erosion of water or abrasives;All wire connectors should be properly placed;When the motor is first connected or rewired each time, it must be checked to see if the steering is correct.

8, trailer

Check the support, connection and wheel (tire) of the trailer before each assignment and keep it intact.

9. Special tools

The assembly and disassembly of high voltage parts shall be provided by the manufacturer and the special tools recommended for use.

10. Anti-freeze measures.

When the equipment used in a cold environment, must increase the anti-freezing measures, particular way is: spray gun nozzle () will be removed, the water pipe into the water tank, boot loop, make antifreeze in the equipment pipeline inner loop.

If the water pump or hose has been frozen, pump unit must be after the equipment de-icing spray gun nozzle () will be removed, the low pressure in the water by the equipment to ensure that the equipment without ice slag, before starting again.