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How do automatic car washing machine and automatic car washing equipment in winter?
- Jan 21, 2018 -

For the storefront with automatic car washing machine, enter the winter, a little careless, the car wash machine will strike, the cold season is the test to the operator, also is the test of car wash equipment. As long as you master several tricks, you can wash your car in the winter.

1. Pay attention to anti-freeze. The water pipe, water pump and so on should be done to prevent cold, the outdoor water pipe should be installed with insulation layer. If indoor temperature is relatively low, want to add insulation layer or electric tropics.

2. Pay more attention to the weather changes during the day. When the cold air arrives, it is necessary to drain the water from the pipes and water pumps after the work, so as to prevent the freezing. Before starting the next day, don't rush into business. Check whether the pipes and water pumps are frozen. If they freeze, they can start the car washing machine.

3. It is recommended to turn off the machine, drain the water pump and the water in the pipeline, and put it into use next spring.

4. The suitable car wash water temperature is about 20 degrees in winter, so there are conditions for the store to take measures to raise the temperature in the room as much as possible. Even if the temperature doesn't reach the standard temperature, it's ok to remind the car wash customer to stop the car to cool down and then enter the car wash machine, so do not wash the car with cold water.

5. The hardness of the brush increases in winter and even freezes. Always pay attention to check, if the brush is icing, do not wash the car, so as not to damage the brush and body.