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How to enhance oil station service and enhance the competitiveness of oil stations
- Apr 11, 2018 -

Now, station stationing more and more intense, the competition between each other increasingly fierce, how to stand out in competition, must improve gas station integrated services capabilities, using automatic car washer cheer for customers to provide quality service, is a good way to promote the competitiveness of the gas station.

Gas stations to install automatic car wash equipment can attract more customers, free car wash can also enhance the image of gas station let customers safely use, gas station with full-automatic washing machine "free car wash" make more money.

Sometimes there is a long line of cars to fill up, especially in the hot summer months.Installed card wo automatic washing locomotive machine, the owner can use the time for washing the car, feel the card wo dancing "clever" at the same time can let the car look brand-new, it has become a scenery line of gas station.

Now, the car washing machine has been the same as the convenience store in the gas station. What is the advantage of installing a computer fully automatic car washer?Cars, like people, need to be cleaned regularly and refreshed, in addition to the need for fuel.The traditional gas station and the car wash are separate and time-consuming, and now the gas station integrates the two together, the owner will choose to come here to cheer, because they can also wash the car for free.With a steady stream of customers, the gas station is still worried about making money?

Card wo company products are gantry car washer, tunnel car washer, large mobile bus washer and medium-sized bus washer and free contact washer, engineering vehicles washing machine, waste

Car washer and so on.The gantry car washing machine is widely used in gas stations, car washes, automobile beauty shops, 4S shops and bus stations all over the country, which is highly recognized by the market.With high quality, the gantry car washing machine is designated as the designated service provider by the national automobile service chain enterprises.So, choose washing machine also should choose the high quality CARDS, washing machine, washing process is more safe and stable, washing effect is more outstanding, so the owner can experience the real free car wash service.