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Knowledge hall of car washing machine - principle of car washing machine
- Feb 09, 2018 -


There are more and more people with cars now, but the car wash problem has always been a headache for the car owners.Many people may choose to buy a car wash.But washing machine production of high technical content, complex production process, combined with China's automobile development is slow, so until the 1990 s, before and after washing machine in our country mainly is given priority to with imported machines.Do you know how the car wash works?How much do you know about the car washer?Here is the introduction.

Car washing machine is divided into: auto washing machine, self-service car washing machine, coin washing machine, automatic car washing machine is a kind of machine that USES computer to control the brush and high pressure water to clean the car.It is mainly composed of control system, circuit, gas circuit, waterway and mechanical structure.The car washing machine has the characteristics of simple operation, beautiful appearance and small damage to the paint.In recent years, it has been widely used in automobile service industry.

According to the working principle of the washing machine in general can be divided into tunnel car washer, steam car washer, and three types of computer car washer, they used a device high-pressure water into gas, the formation of fine water mist column, for cleaning car body surface.The fuselage is less than 1 cubic meter, and can be equipped with an electric car at random. It can move freely in a wide range, with a large amount of water consumption. At least 40 litres of water are needed to clean a car.

1. Tunnel car washing machine: it was first invented by americans.Its advantages include: quick car wash, continuous washing.The time it takes to wash one car is basically two minutes and 40 seconds.But this kind of car washing machine is strict to the site, the client early site construction, the cost is bigger, water consumption, power consumption is also a bit more.

2. Steam car washing machine: it is simply said that it can produce the equipment that can be used to wash the high temperature and high pressure of the car.

3. Fully automatic car washing machine: full name for automatic car washing machine.Automatic car washing machine is a kind of machine which can realize automatic cleaning, waxing, drying and cleaning rim by computer.With the rapid development of China's economy, more and more cars into the family, the rapid increase of the car and people of quickening the pace of life, making fully automatic washing machine has become more and more get the favour of the owner.Automatic car washing machine is divided into: no contact automatic car washing machine and brush type automatic car washing machine.