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Spring Festival car wash is too expensive, teach you a car wash
- Feb 27, 2018 -

A netizen has recently, the Chinese New Year is coming soon, wash the car prices are soaring, all run of the house of a lot of the wash found are expensive to death, at ordinary times 15.20 cleaning, up to now 50.80.100, feeling really finally, to take it home, etc. It's raining

Would you like to have it cleaned once?

Is a fast car so hard?

It's not that hard to choose the right way.

Wuxi kavos automatic car washing machine for the New Year car wash no price!!

Fully automatic computer car washer waiting time is short, the price was cheaper than artificial washing the car, on the face is full of high car prices, automatic washing machine of cheap, also need not wait for the love of many owners;As a shopkeeper, calculated from the cost, artificial wash the car is not only to pay wages to wash Turner and water, and fully automatic computer car washer stores only need to pay water and electricity, not only washed the car, also earned more money.

So, compared with manual washing the car, with automatic washing machine shop, in both cost and wash the car speed, are those of state, believe full-automatic washing machine owner must make laughter in years ago