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The difference between a reciprocating car washing machine and a tunnel car washer
- Apr 10, 2018 -

In the car wash market, many people can't fundamentally distinguish: tunnel type longmen car washing machine and reciprocating longmen car washing machine. Today, we will give you an analysis of the differences between the two types of car washing machines.

Longmen reciprocating car washing machine, also known in China as the gantry washing machine.The principle is that the car stops at a fixed position, and the car washing machine moves back and forth according to the model.Realization: automatic washing chassis, automatic washing machine washing machine special car wash and water wax, automatic copying and washing, automatic copying air drying.A dirty car goes in, a clean car comes out, the car wash time is about 3 minutes.Suitable for daily wash car in about 120 car beauty shop and so on.

The advantages of longmen reciprocating car washing machine are easy maintenance, early development speed and strong anti-interference ability, which are more expensive than single-chip microcomputers, and take up more space than single chip.The advantages of SCM are small space and cheap price;And its installation area is lower than that of the tunneling machine.

Tunnel car washing machine, because it has obvious advantages: car wash speed.You can wash cars continuously.The time it takes to wash one car is basically two minutes and 40 seconds.But, the continuous speed is fast.It is suitable to wash more than 120 cars a day.Its deficiency is to the site requirements strict, the customer early site construction, the cost is also relatively large.The water consumption.Electricity consumption is a little bit more.The cost of a tunnel car washer is higher.It is recommended to buy more than 200,000 tunneling machines.Too cheap maybe the quality will be defective.

Buy longmen car washing machine, must combine the characteristics of reciprocating and tunnel type two kinds of car washing machine and the advantages and disadvantages that it has to choose, can achieve good result!