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The importance of self-service car washing machine industry
- Feb 28, 2018 -


The mobile Internet has grown to this day, and the first thing everyone does when they get up early in the morning is to turn on their mobile phones to see what happened to them after they fell asleep last night.In buses, underground stations, and on the road, there are "phubbing people", taking advantage of the limited amount of time to browse the novel, or to look at the gossip

If you accidentally forget to carry your wallet, don't worry, you can use WeChat wallet and alipay wallet to solve the consumption of taxi, food and fruit.The mobile Internet age of life, the smartphone is more important than the wallet!Now, every family has a car become the standard, the subsequent washing problem has been plagued by the owners, over the years, the domestic owners and most consumers have relied on traditional stores washing the car, your car dirty to unbearable, throw it to the store to spend tens of dollars cleaning.

Car wash is the high frequency consumption, and the bottleneck of car wash has been in China for many years and has not been solved effectively.If the government is not promoting self-help washing machines for the construction of the project, to wash the car in front, society and the media do not vigorously promote and advocate the self-help washing lifestyle, owners wash the car of the future will be more difficult than now.The society has entered the era of mobile Internet, and all walks of life are fully integrated into "Internet +" or "+ Internet".

Self-service car washing machine is an innovative product with epoch-making significance.It combines the functions of a variety of traditional car washing machines, perfect for each machine, and more importantly, environmental protection, saving time and saving money.It is not easy to wash the car, wash the car, and wash the car.