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There are six main types of car washing in domestic and foreign markets
- Jan 21, 2018 -

1. No water washing.

Using special formula, it is called "quick hand spray wax", wash the car without water, and finish washing and waxing all the work in a few minutes. The water-free car wash is actually a kind of wax washing technology, and the car wash wax has protective effect on the automobile paint layer and tire rubber. This type of car wash is mainly applicable to vehicles with relatively clean paint. For the dirtier vehicle washing effect is not good, and need to go to professional car wash field.

2. No contact washing.

In the process of cleaning, only water and high-efficiency washing liquid are in contact with the body, and no solid object (such as soft cloth and brush) is in contact with the body, so it is called "no contact car wash". This technology is characterized by "no contact, zero wear", so it is suitable for the cleaning of high-end cars. This technology is the United States in the 1990 s developed a kind of advanced automatic washing technology, currently in North America has 70% of car wash equipment adopting this technology, also in the European market share of more than 60%.

3. Micro-water wash car.

The micro - water washing machine is an upgrade of high - pressure car washing machine. Using the principle of "gas, water separation, impact pressure, and the combination of high technology transfer to micro-water", the "micro water washing car" has been upgraded and upgraded on the basis of high-pressure car washing machine. Micro water cleaning equipment can be quickly, water two phase separation, pump pressure and hydraulic pressure matching to clean dirt, outside dirt can be single water cleaning, washing the car parts can be single gas, car wash water consumption is small, this way within 15 min in continuous use, water consumption is less than 1.5 L, related equipment has automatic heating equipment, water may be warm in winter. Save water, but power consumption is bigger, need to go to professional car wash.

4. The computer washes the car.

Fully automatic computer washing machine washing machine is one of the hot industries at present. All the water used in the car washing process will be recycled through the water circulation system. Due to the fast speed of car washing, water saving and low cost, it has become the most popular car wash in the major cities in China. Focus on fully automatic car washing machine.

5. The high-pressure water gun washes the car.

Water cannon is washing the car connect directly with water cannon on the faucet body wash, wash the car wash from bottom to top, namely by the roof, front and back cover, body side and lamps and lanterns to car bumpers, skirt, wheels, etc. The disadvantage: this is a waste of water. The average cleaning of a car requires about 60 litres of water. Today, many cities have banned the use of water. You also need to go to a professional car wash.

6. Portable car wash.

With the popularity of family cars in recent years, some enterprises (individuals) have started to develop portable car washing machines as the demand for car wash has increased. It is understood that most of the portable car washing machines on the market today are powered by independent batteries and solar energy. Because the battery is so damaging to the environment, portable car washing machines powered by independent batteries are generally not popular with modern environmentalists. USES solar energy as power portable washing machine began to some developed in recent years, the solar energy as power is a high cost, another is the solar cell is flat, carry and place is not convenient. So the drawback of the car washer is obvious.