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Wanda completely bid farewell to real estate, car wash industry still not transform
- Mar 28, 2018 -

"The current Chinese real estate is standing in the peak of zhu mu lang, no matter which direction to go, there is no 'high place'," said Lin caiyi, chief economist at guotai junan securities.Wang jianlin, who has struggled for nearly 30 years in China's property market, is probably the most familiar.Through a series of giddy and surprise people off the capital operation of the jaw (involving a total of 100 billion yuan of above), wang jianlin was at the helm of wanda group official micro letter announced: wanda said goodbye to the completely real estate!!!!!

Many people question the sale and sale of wanda's capital market this year, which is only the key to wanda's transformation.At the end of 2016, wang jianlin made it clear that "wanda business is a key company in the transformation of the group, aiming to complete the transformation target by two years in advance by 2018 and become a commercial service enterprise."One is to gradually reduce real estate investment, the second is asset-light operation, and the third is to increase rental profit ratio.

In the past few years, China's economy has been on a single show, and people's living standards have improved, and the demand for car washing services has become increasingly high.Are you still fighting the world with "a bucket of water and a bucket of water"?This traditional car wash has existed since the birth of the automobile, and there is still a large proportion of the car washing industry in this traditional way.Although the traditional manual washing car has certain advantages, but because of the personnel's uncertainty, the cleanliness level also depends on the mood, because the artificial speed is slow, the car wash time is also a big disadvantage.

With the development of science and technology, the car wash industry gave birth to a wide variety of new washer, no contact early washing machine has been popular for a period of time, because it is not suitable for China's national conditions to be being washed out gradually in the market.The most popular car wash in the car market today is a fully automated computer washing machine, which USES computers to control the brush and high-pressure water to clean a car.It is mainly composed of control system, circuit, gas circuit, waterway and mechanical structure.The car washing machine has the characteristics of simple operation, beautiful appearance and small damage to the paint, which has been widely used in automobile service industry in recent years.The number of computer washing machines in mainland China is now up to thousands, and is growing by 15% to 20% a year.Beijing has about 25 percent of the country's computer car washing machines, the highest in the country's computer washing machine market.There are not many fully automatic car washing machines in the market, which are divided into two types: one is the longmen reciprocating car washing machine, and the other is the tunnel car washing machine.

"Real estate giant" wanda began to transition, wash the car as a service industry is backward, and traditional artificial no longer suitable for growing car ownership, computer car washer is the main force of the future car washing industry.