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What is the analysis of the performance advantages of the engineering car washing machine?
- Mar 19, 2018 -

Engineering car washer

The project car washing machine is a newly developed car washing equipment, which adopts automatic operation mode, which can be used for water supply, cleaning and sludge discharge.

An overview of the

Washer, engineering vehicle automatic washing machine is a kind of the various types of engineering vehicles can be automatically flush, completely solve the urban construction sites for road vehicles out the problem of pollution of car wash equipment.Suitable for construction sites, waste disposal sites, quarries, cargo transfer fields and other places that can pollute roads.Wuxi kavos project car washing machine is designed and installed by the professional staff, and the quality assurance and low price have been leading the domestic engineering washing machine industry for many years.

Advantages of analysis

Rapid vehicle dehydration

Because after the vehicles through the washing machine wash immediately on the road, so after washing cars may cause pollution, the mud out of the site in order to solve this problem, people in the washing machine to design a set of rapid dehydration function, make after washing vehicles in the site before hitting the road reached without water, water phenomenon.Reduce the pollution on the road surface.

The section rinse saves water.

Normally when washing machine wash the car wash machine is water at the same time, because the car washer long, in the process of washing vehicles must slow moving car washer part before the injection of water injection is less than the car, resulting in waste.In order to solve the problem of energy waste, it can reduce the use cost of the reservoir.

Water circulation

The washing machine has a special pool for washing water, which is designed to ensure the recycling of water in the clean pool and sedimentation tank.

A new method for discharging sludge.

Usually engineering car washer to eliminate car wash mud method is to use mud scraper scrape mud, this method in actual use not blow out of the mire, instead mud scraper in pool play the role of the mixer, the sedimentation of silt are stirred up, the pools was turbid water into mud, greatly reduces the washing effect.The mud pump is used to remove the mud by studying the method of removing the mud.Changed the original condition, greatly improved the water circulation utilization rate.

Low cost, convenient transportation and installation.

The existing car washing machine adopts the form of steel: the car washing machine and the foundation are one of steel.This kind of car wash machine has a big problem after long-term use, one is because the foundation is soaked in the water to rust seriously all day long, the long-term use is difficult to guarantee the safety.Second, it will be time-consuming and inconvenient.However, some ultra-long car washing machines use concrete foundation, reducing shopping cost and greatly increasing the safety and reliability of car washing machine.The car washing machine is divided into two parts, which can be disassembled and installed to provide convenience for future conveyances.

The electrical operating system is reliable and convenient.

The control system of car washing machine is divided into automatic, remote control and manual control.The advanced PLC microcomputer and high quality electrical components are reliable.Easy to operate.