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What is the next generation full automatic car washing machine?
- May 02, 2018 -

With more and more Chinese people joining the car pool, the market for car washing machines is expanding. By the end of 2010, there were more than 150 million vehicles and nearly 80 million private cars in China. The number of car washes in China is more than 30,000, which means that the average car wash shop has to wash more than 20,000 cars a year.In this way, the car owner not only has to wait in line to wash the car, but also faces the car wash the car to drive a long time to be able to wash the car.

The traditional car wash is a high-pressure water gun connected to the tap water, plus a few large towels, which is the main equipment of many car wash shops.The waste water of washing car is serious, the circulating water washing equipment in the car wash is a decoration, a lot of water is used to wash the car secretly, the water-saving application is not promoted.According to relevant statistics, according to this washing method, the country will consume 100 million tons every year.

Security technology, through the use of advanced optoelectronic devices automatically detect be cleaning vehicle models, so as to automatically adjust the spray rod and the distance of the car body, car washer to be precisely wash clean vehicle parts, including tires for the car chassis and the cleaning process is a key operation, fast and convenient, save time and effort!Wash the car quickly!Good air drying effect.

Car Wash  company products are gantry car washer, tunnel car washer, mobile car washing machine, medium bus washer, avoid contact washer, engineering vehicles car washer, trash, washer, sewage circulation purification system, etc. The gantry car washing machine is used in gas stations, car washes, automobile beauty shops, 4S shops and bus stations all over the country, which is highly recognized by the market.


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