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What kind of brush do you use to wash your car properly?
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Hand you the right car wash.

Car wash still has a "meticulous knowledge", wash good every day to drive new car, wash bad car paint likely to be in 3 5 years of hair dark, hair rough finally crack, visible car wash skill is very important.

What kind of brush does the car wash?

Wash your car with a soft cotton brush: some car owners may wash their cars with plastic brushes and feel cleaner, but these can cause scratches.Computer washing machine generally installed soft cotton brush, do not damage the car paint.Card wo washer also used into foam brush, car wash, brush foam under the drive of the motor rotation at a moderate speed, contact with the body only foam brush the outer part soft fur, will not harm the body.Therefore, you should choose cloth soft cotton cloth brush or sponge to wash your car, and it is best to use high quality (knitted) towels and buckskin.

Wash the car with no dewaxing lotion.

Some wash with detergent, detergent washing the car, dirt, stain is easy to clean, and body paint by erosion at the same time, the body will become more bleak, even paint burst loss.Therefore, it is necessary to wash the car with no dewaxing liquid, because it is only used when the new car is waxed.

The car wash must be recycled.

Some car owners do not want to go to the car wash shop, think the car is very dirty can not see, take a bucket of water to wash themselves.With dirty dishcloth, with the dirty muddy water used repeatedly, watching the car.Use water wash, wash away dirt the towels into barrels, towel after rinse in muddy water, sediment on the car back to back and forth to wipe, will scratch the body paint, greatly reduce the body of the original bright and clean degree, lose luster fade, even so, his frequently change water when you wash the car.

Don't wash the car in the strong sunlight.

Many car owners like to wash their cars in the sun and feel they are doing it fast.But in the bright sunlight washing the car, the car body of water is equivalent to small convex lens, after focusing point-blank sunlight through the water, heat concentration, time is long, easy to bake paint for bad.So, it's best to have a car wash in a covered place, or on a cloudy or sunny morning, in the evening.

It is best to wash the car once a week.

In the daily use of the car, there are two cases, some owners because of the cleanliness, the three days of the car wash, but some owners do not wash the car for a few months.Neither of these actions is desirable.In general, it is appropriate to wash once a week.The general floating dust, with feather duster or soft wool mop, can be used.But if it is dusty, muddy, and heavy, motorists should wash their cars as quickly as possible.