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Whether to choose a non-contact car wash or soft touch brush car washer
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Soft touch (that is, brush rubbing with a brush) provides a superior quality of cleaning without contact.

Soft touch (that is, brush rubbing with a brush) provides a superior quality of cleaning without contact.Card wo brush, car wash system generally USES a lightweight foam insulation, very light and non-porous, which means that all the traditional cloth from scratch in the car is not possible.

The problem is that many of the customers are still stuck in the '70s and' 80s, when the brand of the hairbrush scratched the car.But slowly, that mindset is changing.

But, in fact, brush machine still cause more damage than contactless washer is usually due to customer error (such as antenna is curved, wiper blade and be worse like broken plate, the vehicle's bar and so on some unconventional car cleaning).

The most common complaint about non-contact car washing machines is that the car wash is of very poor quality.Frictionless, contactless machines rely on powerful chemicals and high pressure water cleaning vehicles.Unless the chemicals are precisely set, the quality of the car wash cannot begin.

A lot of vehicles can't use the no-touch car washer, such as he will stick the company logo applique, beautify the modified film and so on, the high pressure water will be removed.High-pressure water can also spray paint from old cars.Old vehicles and oxidized surfaces are often subjected to chemical burns and staining.

We suggest that the car wash system should be selected for 4S, gas station or high car wash.In the unattended car wash, we suggest contact with the car washer.

Maximum cleaning quality, we recommend manual pre-washing and super soft brush cleaning.This process will eliminate the risk of any damage, maximize the washing quality, the most important is to provide the highest level of customer service, carwash gantry car wash machine, please contact us for more information.