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You should be aware of this when you give priority to the car wash
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Use 10 to calculate a car wash.

A manufacturer can cut and assemble the production itself, the manufacturing cost is around 3, and the personnel cost is one more.

B manufacturer assembles itself, many parts are external processing, and under the same quality as manufacturer A, manufacturer B's manufacturing cost is at least twice as much as that of A manufacturer, and the personnel cost is ignored.

A. the 10-3-1 = 6

10-6 = 4 B.

This is the manufacturer's gross profit point, B manufacturer may be in order to obtain a better profit, so only on the material selection.

1, steel

A state-owned enterprise comes out of standard steel. Density and toughness meet international standards.

B small steel mill steel even has to buy waste enterprise, like the state-owned enterprise steel appearance, but the density is not enough, easy to corrode, easy to break.

B type enterprise also can change originally the plank of 5mm thick to change 4mm even thinner.

2. Core electrical parts.

A manufacturer USES the best parts in the market, the price is higher.

B manufacturers use cheap parts, or some fake products with imported accessories.

A. the 10-3-1 = 6

B. 10-5=5 (10-4=6). In order to increase profits, many B enterprises use poor parts or cut corners.

3. After-sales problems

Type A enterprises have low manufacturing cost and high profit margins.After-sales service usually takes out 3, the basic operation of the company will usually spend 2.

B type "conscience" enterprise, will take out 1 after sale, 2 is used for the operation of the company (also want to be a big company, so the operation package is expensive)

B type "greedy" enterprise, meet this kind of the end, after the after sale 1 or even a bit after sale not, this kind of enterprise boss is to earn a bit is a bit, the company runs 1 or 2.

A. the 10-3-1-3-2 = 1

B. The 10-6-1-2 = 1

The 10-4-1 = 5 10-4-1 = 4

B type enterprise is a bit of conscience, after there is no guarantee, because the profit is so big, he's the manufacturing cost is high, on the premise of guarantee products and their profits, he only spend less on after-sales service

B type enterprise is only for the profit of the boss, he has the profit space is big, the low price product in the market is mainly this part of the enterprise, USES the price to attract the customer.

There are no good products, gree, apple, samsung products not bad?Are all the after-sales handled in time?Just better than the products in the industry, the service is more considerate.

Type A companies are willing to spend human resources to make up for the shortage of equipment, but the price of products is A little bit higher.

B type enterprises can not make up for the shortage of equipment, poor design ability, unable to complete the equipment update, and the after-sale service is not guaranteed. This will result in the sales without after-sale situation, and the price will be very cheap.

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