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Your car enjoys a 'rain bath' when it rains on a rainy day
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Now the rain is cloudy, and a lot of car owners are saying, "this rain comes right, wash the car, save to wash the car."Summer is a rainy season, especially in the evening when the thunder shower, many friends with high energy think, there is rain free car wash, can save the next washing money, why not.But have you ever thought about how you love your car?It doesn't want to enjoy a "rain bath" at all.

Rain does not equal water, rain wash car risk is big.

Nowadays, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, and most rain water is acidic and has a strong corrosive effect.Careful friends will find that some of the cars are covered with rain on the paint.This is because the owners don't wash the car, the car volume on a thick layer of dust, it rained into a layer of mud, mud and water, make the rain form a layer of water film on the surface of the paint directly, in addition to the more and more dirty, will also accelerate the erosion of acid rain car body paint.This is the real reason that the paint fades after a long period of rain.When you're wondering, don't know if you realize that acid rain is actually one of the main culprits behind the paint damage.

There will be some gaps in the car's sealing.

The rain is all-pervasive, the car has long been washing "rain water bath", the dirt and rain between the car seam meet, it is a long time, the car parts rust is not surprising.With the increase of car configuration, many cars have skylights, which is one of the victims of heavy rain washing.The seal strip of the skylight will be accelerated by the influence of rain, and the oil of skylight guide will be charged by rainwater, which will lead to a sharp decrease in window performance.

Wet car chassis should be washed in time.

The rain and soil that are splashed in the driving process of a rainy day can erode the chassis, and if it is not washed and maintained for a long time, it is easy for the chassis to rust.It needs to be reminded that the car chassis is too low, and the manual hand can not be cleaned with any flexibility. This is the hard injury of the manual car wash. It is recommended that the car chassis should be cleaned with the automatic car washing machine.In addition to cleaning the chassis thoroughly, the armor and seal are also necessary, with the conditions permit, to give your car a layer of "body armor" on the bottom.

The "rain bath" sounds good, but it actually hurts the car.If the car owners really love the car, please think more about it, learn more about the correct car maintenance knowledge, let the car no longer "pain", scientific maintenance.