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Advantages Of Projection Welding Machine?
- Feb 15, 2017 -

1. in one welding cycle can be welded more solder.
2. due to the current intensive to bump, high current density, it can be low current welding, and can be reliably formed a small nugget.
3. the welding position accurately, the same size, so bonding strength is more uniform.
4. to achieve different structural parts of the welding, because of the current focus, overcame the disadvantage of spot welding nugget skew, projection welding two workpiece thickness can be more than 6:1.
5. using the large-plane electrode and bump positioned on an artifact, you can minimize the other indentation of the exposed surface of the workpiece.
6. compared with spot welding machine, oil, rust, oxidation of the surface layer, du and other coating on projection welding of small but clean surfaces can still obtain more stable quality.