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Annual Growth Of Resistance Welding Machine Great
- Feb 15, 2017 -

Resistance welding machines are in demand for several years, and in terms of hardware facilities, the business philosophy has been a huge improvement, resistance welding machine manufacturing technology to improve, according to annual growth of resistance welding machine is huge, various resistance spot welding machine, medium frequency welding machine, automatic welding equipment are now increasing.

Annual growth, according to statistics of resistance welding machine, welding equipment enterprises in China's 1 billion yuan in annual output value of 1 House, 1 reach 500 million Yuan, 8 hit 300 million Yuan, about accounting firms of more than 100 million Yuan by more than half. Current resistance welding machine with high reliability, functional special sets for automatic and semi-automatic welding machines and welding machines, special welding machines faster growth in market demand, some welding machines are still imported.