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Application And Maintenance Of Robotics Welding Station
- Jun 15, 2017 -

  Application and maintenance of Robotics Welding Station

  As we all know, to improve labor productivity, we must take the road of automation, improve equipment automation level, reduce labor costs. My company in the last two years to introduce a robot to use in production, improve the automation rate of equipment, has achieved good results. According to different requirements, robots can be used in all aspects of production automation, such as robot welding, robot cutting, robot polishing,Robotics Welding Station robot feeding and so on.

  1. Application and configuration of robot

  Company robots are mainly used in welding and cutting, welding robot has arc welding robot and spot welding robot, through the robot to replace manual operation, improve the efficiency and quality, so that the level of automation equipment has been improved.

  2. Robot Appliance Configuration Principle

  The rated input voltage of robot welding power supply is three-phase 200 220v and 380. Rated input voltage within ± 10% of the change, if the rated input voltage in ± 10% above fluctuations will lose the appropriate welding conditions,Robotics Welding Station but also the main reason for welding power failure, so the transformer configuration.

  In order to be safe, the welding power supply is fitted with a screen breaker or a fuse switch without a fuse. At the same time avoid interference to increase individual grounding.

  3. Welding Robot Maintenance

  Welding robot maintenance includes daily maintenance and regular maintenance, regular maintenance according to its use time generally requires a one-year robot lubrication maintenance and lubrication refueling.

  The maintenance and maintenance of the welding robot is mainly to lubricate the joints of the manipulator. Usually its lubrication cycle is one years one times or after 5kh maintenance.

  First of all, there are two types of lubricants, one is SK-1, the color is light yellow, it mainly for the small joints refueling; the other is Reno. 00, the color is dark yellow, mainly for the major joints refueling. Before adding lubricating oil should pay attention to different parts of the lubricating oil brands can not be mistaken, otherwise the equipment will have a great impact.

  When filling lubricating oil,Robotics Welding Station first to the small joints refueling. First, open refueling on the other side of the oil hole (each part has 2 oil holes), and then use the manual oil gun to oil hole injection, the other side is contaminated oil exclusion. Always add to the discharge of lubricating oil and injection of lubricating oil color consistent, oiling stop. Large joints (mainly with motor), refueling is the same.