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Car Base Spray System
- Mar 20, 2018 -

PYRAMID chassis flushing system is specially designed for cleaning the car chassis washer, when a car chassis cleaning system, bottom jet high-pressure water spray system, such as the upper chassis, the sludge dust, wash, use with computer car washer can thoroughly clean the car.


Technical advantages:

38 years in Italy car washer on the basis of the advanced manufacturing experience, bill virtue to the advantage of more than 15 years in the same industry leading, tightly close to the car washing industry, mechanization instead of artificial, unmanned instead of the trend of people, after years of development, trying to break through, and continue to improve, new technology, new material, new technology application, import and use the core of the Italian car wash equipment parts, under the guidance of the Italian engineers, continuous introduced a popular abroad, domestic much-needed five representative of high starting point of washing machine series products.It has become an important representative of advanced car washing machine technology in China.