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Characteristics Of Longitudinal Seam Automatic Welding Machine
- Feb 15, 2017 -

1. welding host using cantilever structure, two cantilever beams welding annealing stress treatment, ensure the beam is not deformed for a long time;
2. pneumatic keys compact structure, closely arranged along the longitudinal sides, ensure uniform pressure across the length of butt weld tight; around the keys refer to the spacing can be adjusted to adapt to different workpiece welding;
3. According to the workpiece thickness to adopts airbag or cylinder type, ensure adequate clamping force to prevent thermal deformation in the welding process;
4. welding mandrel set with copper tooling, with weld choke features; depending on the shell or plate workpiece processing welding Groove, to one-side welding both sides formation;
5. welding mandrel and the key spacing is adjustable, can adapt to different workpiece welding requirements;
6. torch walk with DC servo motor, gear drive, track surface by grinding, stable welding steady and reliable.
7. all placed in the trachea, cable drag chain, looks neat and beautiful, while avoiding the cable wire.