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Safety Operation Procedure For Seam Welding Machine
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Safety operation procedure for seam welding machine

1. Before using the equipment, you must carefully read the manual to ensure the correct use, to avoid damage to the body and equipment, and processing of qualified products.

2. Check the welder around the work without floating objects, check the buttons, handle is flexible and reliable.

3. Before sending the equipment, you must check whether the work area is tidy, remove the security risks, whether the power supply is reliable, seam welding machine and the grounding wire must be connected.

4. Before starting the unit, you must check whether there is any work in the work area of debris, especially whether the workbench clean and tedious.

5. Before welding to check whether the normal welding machine, seam welding machine and lubrication of the lubrication of parts to maintain the flexibility of the moving parts.

6. Power on: close the control box of the power switch, welder power switch, power indicator light.

7. Check the no problem, according to the welding method and welding process to adjust the equipment for welding.

8. Welding process should always pay attention to the flexibility of the trip switch action, mechanical protection block is loose and damaged, seam welding machine found that the problem should be promptly reported to the competent leadership of the disposal.

9. Shutdown: turn off the power supply, control box power, lock the control box.

10. After the end of the work, seam welding machine clean up the job site, the equipment for maintenance.