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The Construction And Precautions Of Seam Welder
- Jul 25, 2017 -

  The construction and precautions of Seam Welder

  With the continuous development of machinery, mechanization and modernization has become the goal pursued by people, in order to meet people in the production requirements of high efficiency and high speed. As a result, all kinds of machines have everything, most of them have been skilled use. But there are still many machines are not well known, so today let me to tell you about Seam Welder.

  First, the definition of Seam Welder

  The welding machine is an automated welding equipment that uses automatic welding to complete welding. The purpose of people is to improve the welding efficiency and welding quality. One of the Seam Welder is a kind of welding machine, this machine design rigorous, for the welding project to provide non-verbal contribution. The most important thing is that this machine can replace labor, thereby reducing the cost of labor costs.

  Second, Seam Welder structure

  The main use of cantilever single-column structure, pneumatic key plate clamp, mandrel, electric drag plate, torch pneumatic lifting mechanism, three-dimensional adjustment of welding gun, Seam Welder gas system and other structures are the formation of Seam Welder indispensable conditions The The traveling motor drives the torch to carry out the guide movement in the direction of linear movement. The size of the workpiece welding depends on the hydraulic lifting mechanism. Pneumatic key pressure uniformity of the characteristics of the machine heat dissipation evenly and provide a favorable condition, so that the perfect weld seamless, more beautiful.

  Seam welder

  Third, the Seam Welder precautions

  When the two cantilever welding after annealing to stress treatment, according to the flat workpiece processing of different welding process groove, so as to achieve single-sided welding double-sided molding. The pitch of the key and the spacing of the welding mandrel can be adjusted so that it can be arranged along the sides of the straight seam so that the weld can be pressed evenly within the proper range and the distance between the left and right keys can be adjusted. The most important thing is to prevent the welding process caused by the high temperature deformation problems, according to the thickness of the workpiece can be used airbag or cylinder treatment, Seam Welder which can adapt to the welding of various types of workpieces, so that more compact force.

  Fourth, the use of requirements

  In order to make the appearance of welding items clean and beautiful, welding torch must use the DC servo motor drive device, so that not only can make the machine running smoothly, but also can make the welding stable and reliable. When the gear rack drive, the track surface do not forget to grinding, Seam Welder but also to avoid cable disconnection.