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The Construction Of Automatic Welding Equipment For Seam Welder
- Oct 31, 2017 -

The composition of the automated welding equipment

1, welding power, Seam Welder its output power and welding characteristics should be used with the proposed welding process to match, and with the main controller connected to the interface.

2, the welding head with its moving mechanism, which by the welding head, welding head support frame, hanging towers and other components, located in the precision welding head body, the drive system should be equipped with encoder servo motor;

3, the main controller, Seam Welder also known as the system controller, mainly for the various components of the linkage control, welding program control, the main welding parameters set, adjust and display. If necessary, can be extended fault diagnosis and man-machine dialogue and other control functions.

4, the welding movement or displacement mechanism, such as welding roller frame, head and tail frame turning machine, rotary platform and positioning machine, Seam Welder precision mobile displacement mechanism should be equipped with servo motor drive

5, wire feeder and its control and speed control system, for the wire speed control accuracy requirements of a higher wire feeder, the control circuit should be added speed feedback;

6, welding parts clamping mechanism;

7, computer software, welding equipment commonly used in computer software: programming software, functional software, process software and expert systems, etc.

8, welding head guide or tracking mechanism, Seam Welder arc pressure automatic controller, torch bobbin and monitoring system

9, auxiliary equipment, such as wire feeding system, circulating water cooling system, flux recovery conveyor, wire support, cable hose and towline structure design electrical control design of the three major parts.

10, welding robot, also known as mechanical arm, Seam Welder is an important part of automated welding equipment. Its main work includes: welding, cutting, thermal spraying, handling and so on.