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Welding Robot Configuration
- Jul 12, 2017 -

  Welding robot configuration

  All the shafts of the welding robot are for rotary motion, so the servo motor is driven by the cycloidal reducer (1 ~ 3 axis) and the harmonic reducer (1 ~ 6 axis). Before the mid-80s, for the electric drive welding robots are using DC servo motor, and since the late 80s, countries have switched to AC servo motor. As the AC motor without carbon brush, dynamic characteristics, so that the new welding robot not only the accident rate is low, and maintenance-free time greatly increased, plus (minus) speed is also fast. Some of the new light-weight welding robots with a load of less than 16kg have a maximum moving speed of up to 3m / s, with accurate positioning and small vibration. At the same time, the welding robot control cabinet also switch to 32-bit microcomputer and the new algorithm, so that it has the function of optimizing the path, the trajectory is closer to the teaching track.

  Application of Welding Robot in Spot Welding

  Spot welding on the welding robot requirements are not very high. Because the spot welding only point control, as the welding clamp between the point and the point of the trajectory is not strictly required, which is the earliest welding robot can only be used for spot welding reasons. Spot welding robots not only have enough load capacity, but also in the point and point when the speed between the fast, the action should be smooth, Welding robot accurate positioning to reduce the shift time, load capacity, depending on the use of the welding tong form. For welding tongs separated from the transformer, a 30 to 45 kg load of the welding robot is sufficient. However, this kind of welding tongs on the one hand due to the secondary cable length, power loss is large, is not conducive to the welding robot welding rod into the workpiece welding; the other side of the cable with the welding robot movement and swing, cable damage Faster. Therefore, the current increase in the use of one-piece welding clamp. This kind of welding tongs together with the transformer quality is about 70kg. Taking into account the welding robot to have sufficient load capacity, with a large acceleration to the welding fixture to the location of the welding, are generally selected 100 ~ 150kg load heavy welding robot. In order to meet the continuous spot welding when the short distance rapid welding clamp requirements. Welding robot The new heavy-duty welding robot has increased the ability to complete 50mm displacement within 0.3s. This is the performance of the motor, the computer's speed and algorithm are put forward higher requirements.