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Welding Temperature Control Of Seam Welder
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Seam Welder welding products than riveting parts, castings and forgings lighter weight, for transport tools can reduce the weight, save energy. The seal of welding is good, suitable for making all kinds of containers. The development of joint processing technology, so that welding and forging, casting combined, can be made into large, economical and reasonable casting and welding structure and forge welding structure, economic efficiency is very high. Using welding technology can effectively use materials, welding structure can be used in different parts of different properties of materials, to give full play to the strengths of various materials, to achieve economic and quality. Welding has become an indispensable and increasingly important process method in modern industry.

Welding temperature control of seam welder: molten pool temperature, directly affect the quality of welding, molten pool temperature is high, molten iron flow is good, easy to fuse, but too high, hot metal easy to drip, single-sided welding double-sided forming on the back of easy to burn through, forming a weld, forming also difficult to control, and joint plastic drop, bending easy to crack. Seam Welder When the molten pool temperature is low, the molten pool is smaller, the molten iron is darker, the fluidity is poor, and it is easy to produce the defects such as no penetration, no fusion and slag inclusion.

Seam welder high production rate, and no noise and harmful gases, seam welder in mass production, can be combined with other manufacturing processes on the assembly line. But the flash butt weld is sprayed with sparks and needs to be isolated. Seam welder does not need welding wire, welding rod, such as filler metal, as well as oxygen, acetylene, hydrogen and other welded materials, Seam Welder welding cost is low. Use: Seam welder is widely used in metal, household appliances barrels, boxes and sealed thin-walled container welding. , automobiles, fuel tanks and other industries, the most suitable for welding low carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials of the basin, barrels, boxes, and sealed thin-walled container welding.

Welding machine applicable occasions: Metal box cabinets manufacturing, Construction machinery building, automotive parts, bicycle parts, special-shaped standard parts

Because the sectional area of the seam welder is usually more than twice times of the longitudinal area of the parent material (the thinner the plate is, the larger the ratio is), the damage must occur in the heat-affected area of the base material. Therefore, the seam welding structure rarely exaggerate the strength of the joint, Seam Welder which is mainly required to have good sealing property and corrosion resistance.