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Processing Equipment 
We have a full range of high quality processing equipment to manufacture all of our welding and machines. All of our equipment features high machining accuracy, and good quality control measures to meet all customer requirements. 
As a specialized manufacturer of welding equipment, we provide automatic seam welding machine, resistance welding machine, automatic light pole welding machine and robotic welding station, etc. 

Band saw: cut the steel bar, rod

Boring machine: machining the hole and surface

CNC fiber laser cutting machine: cut the metal sheet

CNC gantry milling machine: precise mill the contact surface

CNC machining center: mill the contact surface

Double head milling machine: mill the contact surface

Gantry milling machine: mill the contact surface

Slotting machine: machining holes of plates

Universal milling machine: mill the contact surface

Vertical lathe: mill the contact surface

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