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Longitudinal Welding Equipment

  • Automatic Car Wash Equipment

    Automatic Car Wash EquipmentAutomatic Car Wash Equipment 1. Brief Induction of the Automatic Car Wash Equipment The automatic car wash equipment is 5 brush rollover car wash machine with dryers made in Chinese factory.Read More

  • Car Wash Equipment

    Car Wash EquipmentCar Wash Equipment 1. Introduction of Car wash Equipment The car wash equipment is reliable quality 7 brushes rollover car wash machine with dryers made in China.Read More

  • Auto Car Wash Equipment

    Auto Car Wash EquipmentAuto Car Wash Equipment Introduction of the Auto Car Wash Equipment The auto car wash machine controlled by intellectualized computer with the functions of automatic inspecting, moving spraying, washing, waxing, drying, cleaning wheel and chassis. The car wash system can offer professional wash...Read More

  • Vehicle Washing Equipment

    Vehicle Washing EquipmentVehicle Washing Equipment Brief Introduction of the Vehicle Washing Equipment The vehicle washing equipment is suitable for the small and medium size vehicle to high pressure water washing, wax, drying and chassis cleaning. The car wash business is booming right now with low operating expenses...Read More

  • Car Wash Equipment Suppliers

    Car Wash Equipment SuppliersCar Wash Equipment Suppliers 1. Product Introduction Pyramid is a professional car wash equipment supplier in China. Our main products are rollover car wash machine and tunnel car wash machine.Read More

  • Car Washing Equipment

    Car Washing EquipmentCar Washing Equipment Introduction of the Car Washing Equipment Different with reciprocating type, tunnel type car wash equipment has beautiful glass outside, so that the whole washing process is visible. Meanwhile , conveyor takes car through each washing process, finally brings the car to the...Read More

  • Commercial Car Wash Equipment

    Commercial Car Wash EquipmentCommercial Car Wash Equipment 1. Brief Introduction of the Commercial Car Wash Equipment This commercial car wash equipment is 7 brushes car wash machine.Read More

  • Self Service Car Wash Equipment

    Self Service Car Wash EquipmentSelf Service Car Wash Equipment Brief Introduction of the Self Service Car Wash Equipment The PG-5B rollover automatic car wash machine is suitable to any vehicle below 2m, such as car, jeep, minibus, etc. Self service car wash equipment adopt advanced European technology and streamlined design,...Read More

  • Car Wash Equipment Manufacturers

    Car Wash Equipment ManufacturersCar Wash Equipment Manufacturers Brief Introduction The Car Wash Business is booming right now with low operating expenses and a very pleasing net profit. No matter what happens, it is likely that as long as there are cars, there will always be a need for car washes. Our PG-3BD car wash...Read More

  • Car Cleaning Equipment

    Car Cleaning EquipmentCar Cleaning Equipment Introduction of the Car Cleaning Equipment The PG-3B car wash equipment is fully automatic system. It is used for car, jeep, bus & coach and other small vans, washing, waxing, drying, etc. It is streamlined design, beautiful appearance, advanced overall performance,...Read More