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Robotic Welding Systems

  • Tunnel Car Wash Systems

    Tunnel Car Wash SystemsTunnel Car Wash Systems Introduction of the Tunnel Car Wash Systems The tunnel car wash system is controlled by intellectualized computer with the functions of automatic inspecting, moving, washing, waxing, drying, cleaning wheel and chassis. They apply for many models of automobiles such as...Read More

  • Self Service Car Wash Systems

    Self Service Car Wash SystemsSelf Service Car Wash Systems Product Introduction of the Self Service Car Wash Systems This self service car wash systems are suitable for car, SUV, minivans and other vehicle’s washing, waxing and drying. With full automatic computer control system, the tunnel car wash machine adopts imported...Read More

  • Automated Car Wash Systems

    Automated Car Wash SystemsAutomated Car Wash Systems Introduction of the Automated Car Wash Systems Automated car wash system is equipped with new-generation car model detection technology which is featured as combination of various ways of car washing and fast speed of cleaning, the profiling air-dry technology ensures...Read More

  • Vehicle Wash Systems

    Vehicle Wash SystemsVehicle Wash Systems Introduction of the Vehicle Wash Systems The vehicle wash systems PG-7BD adopts advanced American technology and design. You can choose a wash height up to 2.2 meters. A set of horizontal brush wash the top, front and rear of the vehicles. Two sets of side brush wash around...Read More

  • Car Wash Systems

    Car Wash SystemsCar Wash Systems 1. Introduction of the Car Wash Systems - Italian technology, cleaning height is between 2~2.8m. - One set of top brush, two sets of long brushes, two sets of short brushes and one set of wheel brush.Read More