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Spot Welding Machine manufactures

  • Car Cleaning Machine

    Car Cleaning MachineCar Cleaning Machine 1. Introduction of the Car Cleaning Machine This car cleaning machine is 9 brushes tunnel car wash machine. Tunnel type car wash system is controlled by computer, mainly for cars and small vans on the appearance of high pressure wash, scrub, wax and dry.Read More

  • Car Washing Machine For Business

    Car Washing Machine For BusinessCar Washing Machine for Business Introduction of the Car Washing Machine for Business The PG-7B car washing machine for business is fully automatically controlled by computer, it is high automation, easy operation, complete functions, good appearance, energy saving, long life, low cost car wash,...Read More

  • Automatic Car Wash Machine

    Automatic Car Wash MachineAutomatic Car Wash Machine 1. Brief Introduction of the Automatic Car Wash Machine The automatic car wash machine is the most popular 5 Brushes Rollover Car Wash Machine at home and abroad.Read More

  • Car Wash Machine

    Car Wash MachineCar Wash Machine Brief Induction of the Car Wash Machine The car wash machine works automatically. It can detective the exterior of vehicles auto and use advanced electron-optical detection system to make feedback. The parts are controlled by Japanese Mitsubishi programmable control system and...Read More

  • Fully Automatic Car Washing Machine

    Fully Automatic Car Washing MachineFully Automatic Car Washing Machine Brief Induction of the Fully Automatic Car Washing Machine The fully automatic car washing machine is made in Chinese factory. Pyramid company insist do China high end quality car wash machine for over 20 years, machine use 8 years won't be a problem....Read More

  • Commercial Car Washing Machine

    Commercial Car Washing MachineCommercial Car Washing Machine Introduction of the Commercial Car Washing Machine The new-type commercial car wash machine uses variegated design. You can select the earnestly long individualized gantry cleaning system to embody your personal tenor. No matter which choice you make, the...Read More

  • Car Wash Machine Manufacturers

    Car Wash Machine ManufacturersCar Wash Machine Manufacturers Brief Introduction The tunnel car wash machine use advanced technical, not only save the power but also reduce the noise and guarantee the effect of drying. Channel washing machine can be used for the large amount of car washing in car washing center, gas station...Read More

  • Car Wash Automatic Machine

    Car Wash Automatic MachineCar Wash Automatic Machine Brief Introduction of the Car Wash Automatic Machine The car wash automatic machine is professional washes for cars, jeeps and all kinds of coaches below 9 seats. It adopts advanced technology and full module design, this can be combined to more than ten different...Read More

  • Auto Car Wash Machine

    Auto Car Wash MachineAuto Car Wash Machine 1. Introduction of the Auto Car Wash Machine The auto car wash machine is used to carry out the high pressure wash, profiling foam wash, vehicle chassis wash, agent wash, wax wash and profiling air dry for the surface of cars and all kinds of minibus.Read More

  • Vehicle Washing Machine

    Vehicle Washing MachineVehicle Washing Machine Brief Induction of the Vehicle Washing Machine The vehicle washing machine is 5 brush rollover car wash machine with dryers made in Chinese factory. It is equipped with new-generation car model detection technology which is featured as combination of various ways of car...Read More