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Car Wash Equipment

Car Wash Equipment

Car Wash Equipment 1. Introduction of Car wash Equipment The car wash equipment is reliable quality 7 brushes rollover car wash machine with dryers made in China.

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Car Wash Equipment

1. Introduction 
The car wash equipment is reliable quality 7 brushes rollover car wash machine with dryers made in China. It is controlled by intelligent computer with the functions of automatic inspecting, moving, washing, waxing, drying, cleaning wheel and chassis. The Car Wash machine can apply for many models of automobiles such as car, commercial vehicles, minibus, and jeep.

2. Technical Parameter 

Machine Size (cm)

200×370×290 (L*W*H )

Washing Size (cm)

210×200 (W*H )

Track Length


Floor Space


Power Supply

380V  25KW

Water Supply


Water Consumption


Washing Speed

20 vehicle/hour


Car wash machine special brushes imported from the USA

Drying System

4 groups

Bottom Spraying


3. Advantage

- Automatic car washing system;
- Less space;
- Less invest, lowest price, then you can get your invest back within 6 months.

4. Feature 

- Introduced advanced technology from Italy, not only good looks but also with reliable safety.
- Imported brushes, impossible to scratch lacquer, each set could be used for 100,000 car-times.
- Main components from world famous manufacturers, high reliability, long using life.
- Power saving, low operation cost.
- Dried by four sets of fans, could make the car dry rapidly.

5. Configurations 

- Gantry structure with Italy technology;
- Automatic water spraying and waxing system;
- Automatic speed variable moving system;
- Automatic washing system;
- Controlled by intelligent computer;
- Pneumatic transmission system;
- Automatic dry system;
- Car position indication system;
- Operating system.

 6. Wash Process 

7. Our Service
- 24hours reply.
- Professional solution for all your questions.
- Customized design is available. OEM & ODM are welcome.
- Exclusive and unique solution from our well-trained and professional engineers.
- Free machines parts provided during warranty period.

8. Cases Show 


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