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Turning Rolls

  • Conventional/Adjustable Rotator

    Conventional/Adjustable Rotator

    This series rolling welding rotator is conventional adjustable type, which are suitable for welding, polishing, glue-lining, and assembling of the cylinder body.Read More

  • Self Aligned Rotator

    Self Aligned Rotator

    The HGZ series welding rotator is absorbing advantages of similar products at home and abroad, and designed and manufactured by us according to the operation requirements of several pressure vessel factories, and accord with mechanical standard.Read More

  • Fit-up Rotator

    Fit-up Rotator

    Fit-up roller is mainly used in assembly of section to section pipe, such as in wind tower, or in vessel, tank application. It has four independent fit-up rolls that perform lift up process,Read More

  • Anti-creep Turning Rolls

    Anti-creep Turning Rolls

    Anti-drift rotator is used for welding of cylinder with thick-wall and narrow gap, also for the occasion which needs to protect axial drift. It is particularly suitable for big jobs and the requirement of welding seam. Its welding speed is stable.Read More

  • Special Rotators

    Special Rotators

    Most of this series rollers are made according to customer’s requirements, like wide wheels rollers, to enhance the friction force between the wheels and tank, conventional + self aligned roller, to suit large diameter range of the tank,Read More